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I’ve executed a Kubernetes Pod with a memory limit of 512MB (using the command ) in a cluster with 15GB of RAM and the total memory shown was 14GB.To understand why this happen, I suggest that you read the blog post “Memory inside Linux containers – Or why don’t free and top work in a Linux container? We need to understand that the docker switches (-m, –memory and –memory-swap) and the kubernetes switch (–limits) instruct the Linux kernel to if it tries to exceed the specified limit, but the JVM is completely unaware of the limits and when it exceeds the limits, bad things happen!To simulate the process being killed after exceeding the specified memory limit, we can execute the Wild Fly Application Server in a container with 50MB of memory limit through the command shows that this container has been killed because of an OOM (Out of Memory) situation. On the docker daemon running on a machine with 1GB of RAM (previously created with ) but having the container memory restricted to 150 megabytes, which seems to be enough for this Spring Boot application, a java application has been started with the parameter -XX: Print Flags Final defined in the Dockerfile.This parameter allow us to read the initial JVM ergonomics parameters. It says that it will be 1/4 of the physical memory.

You can also use this image to enable/disable debugging, diagnostics, and much more.

Containers are more similar to isolation mechanisms where the resources (CPU, memory, filesystem, network, etc.) for one process are isolated from another.

This isolation is possible due to a Linux kernel feature called cgroups.

The result is that all of them show 995MB of total memory.

Even in a Kubernetes/Open Shift cluster, the result is similar.Developers that don’t understand the problem, tend to think that the environment doesn’t provide enough memory for the execution of the JVM.A frequent solution is to provision an environment with more memory, but .Another solution is to use an experimental option that can be enabled through the parameter -XX: Use CGroup Memory Limit For Heap that has been included in JDK8u131 and JDK9 to support cgroup memory limits in container (i.e. This blog post covers how the JVM blows up from the memory perspective.