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The report also notes that Dassuncao is one of only 259 people that Cohen follows of his 1.5 million followers.Their relationship isn’t one that’s shouted from the rooftops by Andy Cohen, but it appears they’re involved.Before, he is commonly known as a news correspondent for ABC and CNN.Born as Anderson Hays Cooper in New York City, New York on June 3, 1967.A tipster told us: "The young boy toy brags to everyone that listens that he is saving a shitload of money on rent and using AC as a piggy bank for his boy toy expenses.

Cohen and Dassuncao have traveled all around the world together, as several photos reveal.

He refuses to share the spotlight with anyone that isn’t a bigger star than himself.”A separate report by confirmed the pair were romantically involved when Dassuncao’s father said the two were trying to keep their relationship a secret.“He didn’t tell me anything,” Heler Dassuncao told the source in April.

“I’m surprised, but I would welcome him.”Clifton Dassuncao is a Harvard Ph. He posted a photo with Cohen at a “That is totally made up obviously not a credible source — there is no truth to any of it,” Cohen’s source said.

Few people know that if you train dolphins, you are automatically the Gayest Person Ever, and you should be kept in a glass case and studied for your magical properties. It seems the Coop tried to harness this boy's power, though Ordonez denies it completely, telling us: "I am NOT/HAVE NOT been in a relationship with Anderson Cooper." move in with him.

It looked like true love, though some suspected that the kid was just using poor Coopy-Poopy for his vast riches.Andy’s Instagram account is stuffed with photos of him posing with various celebrities, but he has a fair share of them with Anderson Cooper. The image below is one of Cohen and Cooper together celebrating New Year’s 2016.has several photos from his accounts which show he and Anderson together.Then he joined Yale University from where he graduated in political science in 1989. After graduation, Anderson Cooper started working as a fact seeker for small group agency Channel One.

Lots of women consider Anderson Cooper to be a silver-haired fox, despite the fact that women are not his type. But it turns out girls once had.… continue reading »

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On Wednesday night’s “Watch What Happens,” Cooper, 49, told a story about how the 48-year-old Bravo host blew his chances by being a little too enthusiastic about Cooper’s mom, American heiress… continue reading »

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