Who is jo de la rosa dating now

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Before they were adorable and affectionate Greg and Nene, Greg and Nene were on the brink of divorce and at each other’s throats. Long before Todd Tucker was in the picture, Kandi was engaged to Ashley Jewell, another man Mama Joyce hated.The relationship ended on amicable terms, but the story turned tragic when Jewell was killed in a bar fight in Atlanta.The first season of RHOC started off with these two living a very different life than Slade would come to know in future seasons of the show.Back then, he had enough money for Jo to stay home and not work, and viewers followed her around as she basically talked to the cameras and complained about being bored with her life.Gretchen Rossi Gretchen Rossi actually became a Real Houswewife because Jo and Slade recommended her to the producers.Jo says “She was outgoing and she was beautiful, and she had this dynamic personality when she drank, and had a really hot body.” Slade and Gretchen have said that they’d known each other for years before decided to get together in 2009, and they’ve been inseparable since.

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She may have decided to end things with her husband — but, thankfully, she got to keep her Countess title.The relationship only lasted for a few episodes (longer in real life, of course), but it ended dramatically when Richards thought she was pregnant and soon after admitted she was an alcoholic. Thankfully, most of them happy and healthy today — both in relationships and not.Jo de la Rosa (alias) was born in Lima, Peru and emigrated with her parents to Tustin, California at the age of three.Jo De La Rosa It’s kind of a fluke that Slade and Jo even got to be on the show.