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For what it's worth, Lehtonen is also close with Lana Del Ray in some Ride set photos released by the Daily Mail, so I think she may just have great chemistry with everyone she encounters. I know they're real people, not fictional characters, but I can't help it. Ace Showbiz - New report surfaced by the hour that Imogen Heap and Jeff Goldblum are dating."I was watching it, thinking, it's still at No 8, it's still at No - it's at No 7! In a move that in effect raises two fingers to today's overbearing record companies, Heap has written, recorded, produced and bankrolled her album, under the auspices of her self-funded Megaphonic label. "Because I wanted to find out for myself what I was capable of," she says.Frou Frou, Heap's icy electro-pop collaboration with the Madonna producer Guy Sigsworth, left her with a burning desire to prove herself.The Brit-school graduate and ex-Frou Frou singer is the epitome of elegant bohemia and everything about her is stamped with a delightful girly eccentricity.From her butterfly-clad hair and her flouncy gold skirt to the furry red sash that cuts across her body, Heap wears her stylish flamboyance with the confidence of a matador. Which has also been the case for her startling new single, "Hide and Seek".When it came to dealing with record labels, it was a case of twice bitten, thrice shy.Heap signed to Almo for her 1998 debut, I Megaphone, and then with Universal to release Frou Frou's 2002 debut Details.

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It is a hard task, but Heap has succeeded in giving her electro album a human heart.It's also pretty awesome that this series, which could get pretty bro heavy real fast, is showcasing a female biker in the first episode without a romantic "subplot" or anything. When he hangs with her crew IRL, as seen in this Instagram, he and Imogen aren't even riding together or anything.She's clearly part of motorcycle culture, so it's understandable why Reedus would want her on his show.Radio 1's notoriously enthusiastic Zane Lowe was moved to call it "the hottest track in the world today", while its debut on Jo Whiley's Radio 1 show preceded a leap into the British i Tunes Top 10.

"I have to admit, I was rather obsessively refreshing i Tunes' chart," recalls Heap, sipping cranberry juice at the National Film Theatre's South Bank café, one of her favourite London spots."I loved working with Guy," she says, "and I learnt shedloads from it, but I was sick of people assuming the man did all the music.To the outside world I just looked like the singing girl.As the title, Speak for Yourself, suggests, Heap is responsible for every note on her album.

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Imogen Heap and Jeff Goldblum have sparked dating reports after they were spotted holding hands, kissing and cuddling during a recent walk through London's Hyde Park. AceShowbiz - New report surfaced by the hour that Imogen Heap and Jeff Goldblum are dating. The twosome sparked dating reports after… continue reading »

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Agony for Imogen’s new lover. By Richard Kay for the Daily Mail Updated EDT, 29 August 2011 35. View comments. Just days after returning home to Britain following a romantic holiday in Corfu with Lady Nunn, aka actress Imogen Stubbs, actor Jonathan Guy Lewis faces a family distraught over their relationship, I can reveal. Imogen, 50,… continue reading »

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Imogen Heap Teenage fan club While most musicians struggle for years, overnight success came to Imogen Heap when one of her songs was played over the climactic death scene in 'The OC'. Alexia Loundras meets her… continue reading »

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