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07-Jul-2017 10:55

In situations of conflict, we do not accept funds from governments or other parties who are directly involved.

It operates programmes in more than 60 countries worldwide.

It is made up of representatives of the operational directorates as well as a group elected by the International General Assembly, and is chaired by the International President.

MSF International facilitates coordination among the various MSF entities and collates and disseminates information.

The Islamic extremists known as ISIS are a great deal more dangerous than most of us realize.

The reason for this is hidden in plain sight in the name itself: ISIS.Its work is carried out by thousands of health professionals, logistical and administrative staff, the vast majority of whom come from the countries where the organisation is providing medical assistance. All are independent legal entities, and each elects its own board of directors and president.Most associations have an executive office that raises funds and recruits staff for MSF’s operations.Decentralised units such as a supply centre in Bordeaux, a specialised HIV/AIDS unit in Johannesburg, and an evaluation unit in Vienna, also support our operations.