Updating to build war z

22-Sep-2017 07:55

updating to build war z-13

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Yet, the 2013 Brad Pitt-headlined feature overcame having its back third restructured late in the day, and went on to gross 0 million at the box office.

Unfortunately, even with the promising acquisition of David Fincher as director, the seemingly inevitable World War Z 2 has hit plenty of obstacles getting off the ground.

The "About the Game" blurb now reads, "our first map - 'Colorado' is over 100 sq.

km in size." The section about spending experience points has simply been removed.

So, maybe we'll get this somewhere around early 2020?He’s set to direct the film if all goes to plan, the first time he’s taken on a sequel since his directorial debut, the ill-fated .And Fincher further explained that “we’re hoping to get a piece of material that’s a reason to make a movie, not an excuse to make a movie." Which in turn suggests that that piece of material is not entirely in place yet.According to players , not only are there no 100 player servers or "Hardcore" game mode, but it's also being claimed that while the map is technically over 100 sq.