Ultrasound dating accuracy 11 weeks

07-Sep-2017 22:54

Are the noninvasive tests that swab my check and match it against fetal cells in her blood reliable? Hi, sadyear, the site is changing its display style, and when the new version comes up, it is very hard for me to fish up comments off the bottom of an 800 post thread. If you do, Med Help also alerts you to any answers.When you begin a new post, could you just write out the issue briefly, and say when her periods were, when you had sex in May, what the ultrasound said and when it might have been done, and when she says she had sex with the other guy? Unfortunately, not knowing when in her pregnancy the ultrasound was done (that provided the estimated due date) is going to make calculating things rather iffy.I discovered I was pregnant unexpectedly, and went to have an ultrasound on May 23rd.

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One I didn't use protection with on Saturday April 7th (we have been very good friends for years, and it just happened on a night out drinking/dancing) and the other man I only went out with a few times, and when we slept together the following week (on Saturday April 14th), the condom broke.We wager you haven’t you heard the latest from ultrasonics. [Lindsay Wilson] is a Hackaday reader who wants to share his knowledge of transducer tuning to make tools.The bare unit he uses to demonstrate might attach to the bottom of an ultrasonic cleaner tank, which have a different construction than the ones used for distance sensing.The second man, however, I don't even speak to anymore. The ultrasound tech was amazing, and I feel like she really knew what she was doing, but I just want to make sure that these results couldn't be a whole 7-8 days off. I honestly don't know when ultrasound was done. Its hard for me to move with my life worrying about this.