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Binding Result; import org.springframework.validation.

Session Attributes; import com.websystique.springmvc.model.

/*All User's gets stored in APP_USER table*/ create table APP_USER ( id BIGINT NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, sso_id VARCHAR(30) NOT NULL, password VARCHAR(100) NOT NULL, first_name VARCHAR(30) NOT NULL, last_name VARCHAR(30) NOT NULL, email VARCHAR(30) NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (id), UNIQUE (sso_id) ); /* USER_PROFILE table contains all possible roles */ create table USER_PROFILE( id BIGINT NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, type VARCHAR(30) NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (id), UNIQUE (type) ); /* JOIN TABLE for MANY-TO-MANY relationship*/ CREATE TABLE APP_USER_USER_PROFILE ( user_id BIGINT NOT NULL, user_profile_id BIGINT NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (user_id, user_profile_id), CONSTRAINT FK_APP_USER FOREIGN KEY (user_id) REFERENCES APP_USER (id), CONSTRAINT FK_USER_PROFILE FOREIGN KEY (user_profile_id) REFERENCES USER_PROFILE (id) ); /* Populate USER_PROFILE Table */ INSERT INTO USER_PROFILE(type) VALUES ('USER'); INSERT INTO USER_PROFILE(type) VALUES ('ADMIN'); INSERT INTO USER_PROFILE(type) VALUES ('DBA'); /* Populate one Admin User which will further create other users for the application using GUI */ INSERT INTO APP_USER(sso_id, password, first_name, last_name, email) VALUES ('sam','aeq IF5s/ew Jw HK1p8lql FOEm2QIA0S8g6./Lok.p Qxqcxa BZYCh Rm', 'Sam','Smith','[email protected]'); /* Populate JOIN Table */ INSERT INTO APP_USER_USER_PROFILE (user_id, user_profile_id) SELECT, FROM app_user user, user_profile profile where user.sso_id='sam' and profile.type='ADMIN'; /* Create persistent_logins Table used to store rememberme related stuff*/ CREATE TABLE persistent_logins ( username VARCHAR(64) NOT NULL, series VARCHAR(64) NOT NULL, token VARCHAR(64) NOT NULL, last_used TIMESTAMP NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (series) ); Note that we have inserted one user manually(we do need one Admin user to actually login and create further users for application). Notice the password which is encrypted form of password ‘abc125′.

Logger Factory; import org.springframework.stereotype. Repository; import com.websystique.springmvc.model. User; @Repository("user Dao") public class User Dao Impl extends Abstract Dao package com.websystique.springmvc.dao; import Well, we have already secured the URL’s in Spring Security configuration, so no-worries.

User; @Service("user Service") @Transactional public class User Service Impl implements User Service package com.websystique.springmvc.service; import Service; import org.springframework.transaction.annotation. Pay special attentions to Spring Security tags usage below.

User Profile Dao; import com.websystique.springmvc.model. User Profile; @Service("user Profile Service") @Transactional public class User Profile Service Impl implements User Profile Service Once the user is logged-in successfully, he will be presented with list page, showing all existing users.

Valid; import org.springframework.beans.factory.annotation.

Message Source; import Authentication Trust Resolver; import org.springframework. Authentication; import org.springframework.context. Security Context Holder; import org.springframework.userdetails. User Details; import org.springframework.authentication.rememberme. Persistent Token Based Remember Me Services; import org.springframework.stereotype.

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shown below is file: Not first Name=First name can not be blank. Open browser and browse at MVCHibernate With Spring Security Example/ Login with User Sam & password abc125, check Remember Me as well. An entry should be made in persistent_logins table. It’s generated using below mentioned : For those of us, who prefer to deploy and run from within eclipse, and might be facing difficulties setting Eclipse with tomcat, the detailed step-by-step solution can be found at : How to setup tomcat with Eclipse. Table; @Entity @Table(name="USER_PROFILE") public class User Profile implements Serializable package com.websystique.springmvc.dao; import

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