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It's a good thing she did, because — surprise surprise! Plot: Steph gives Jesse a haircut, and as happens when an 8-year-old cuts your hair, it goes badly.

Unfortunately, when he goes to get it fixed, he gets into motorcycle accident and breaks his arms.

Hostilities abounded on a Utah commuter train Tuesday evening when a Utah Transit Authority employee allegedly confronted several female passengers for sharing the restroom, called them "porn stars," and asked if they were “putting [tampons] into each other,” reports say.

WFAN was run like a frat house, with drinking by employees starting as early as 10 a.m.

He makes her swear not to tell, but after he doesn't come to school because of an "accident," Steph decides to tell Jesse.

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Take Full House , for example, a show with at least seven main cast members in any given episode.Find the best hand selected sex dating sites listed and sorted by quality!There isn’t many dating sites that end up been listed here for many reasons!and executives condoning buying prostitutes for ad clients, according to a shocking lawsuit filed Wednesday by a 40-year-old former CBS Radio ad exec.

(Penn State) The reason why some people find it so hard to resist finishing an entire bag of chips or bowl of candy may lie with how their brain responds to food rewards, according to researchers who found that when certain regions of the brain reacted more strongly to being rewarded with food than being rewarded with money, those people were more likely to overeat.

Inevitably, however, she does, and when she kisses her date at the episode's end, he goes, "what'd you do that for? When she refuses, they make fun of her, leading her to call into Joey and Jesse's radio show using a face name and accent to get advice on what to do when facing peer pressure. Plot: Steph gets invited to a party at Gia's, but doesn't realize it's not just any party, it's a make-out party.