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11-Jun-2017 20:10

Things started getting hot and heavy when I realized there wasn't a condom in the whole of my house. Seemed to me like the Married Man wasn't ready to venture all the way out of his open door policy.“One evening I was just hanging in my front yard in Venice when I noticed a girl pull up and park.“He then proceeded to tell me about the last time he was in an Uber and how he hit it off really well with his driver who let him in on his side business where he occasionally sells joints to customers.He then proceeded to say that anytime he needed one he should take down his number and call him up.“So we got the check (he paid) and headed out to meet the Uber driver who was there, joint in hand, which he not only sold it to us, but ended up letting us take on a free ride.We spent the next 20-30 minutes joy-riding in and around the Hollywood Hills hearing this guy’s life story about how he met his now-baby mama while driving for Uber.So I let her in and we both engaged in awkward conversation on my couch while her phone charged.She seemed alright, but I kept getting the vibe she had something more she wanted to say, which is when she eventually let me in on the fact that she was sorta seeing someone.

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We eventually get drunk enough to start conversation, with a casually obvious, ‘Hey can we bum a cig’ line even though neither one of us smoke.

At first we played it super cool, asking him what he did for a living, ‘Oh my god, you're an actor?

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