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22-Mar-2017 12:17

Not dancing, however, as he and the Red Tails would never slow down. A full minute goes by of this dragon just destroying everyone on one city block, stepping on cars and punching buildings while various terrified people say, “OH SHIT.” Where’s Sisqo? And for those of you who are concerned with the dragon-tearing-up-the-city plot, yes, this verse is taking place in a room that the dragon just destroyed.No one can really know, but I feel as if the seismic disturbances are slightly connected to this dragon Sisqo keeps talking about. Also, most of the crowd has been launched to the ground by what the newscaster with the slicked-back hair is calling “an earthquake.” But I have a feeling Sisqo is the only one who’s thinking, . And no, they are not concerned for their safety, because the room assuredly has Cristal. People really brought flags to this Sisqo block party like it was Glastonbury. I haven’t seen this video in years, so there are going to be quite a few Sisqo realities that I forgot existed. Imagine being the recipient of sunglasses from Sisqo and him not even looking at you. Sisqo finally sang something — “the dragon” — in Sisqovoce. “GO SISQO WE LOVE YOU” they’re probably screaming as he berates them with HERE I COME / N​-​-​-​-S HOLD ME BACK. One of the notes I made in that 2011 blurb about “Unleash the Dragon” was about the probable plan leading up to writing the lyrics: “Sisqo should say the N-word more than 70 times.” Through 70 seconds, he’s very much on pace: And wouldn’t you know it, the crowd loves it.Also, he spun a microphone around his finger, which I can’t make a GIF of because it’ll give me a computer virus. I’ve never seen someone be less intimidating in their most intimidating life moment than what Sisqo does right here. I feel like this is definitely Ben Carson’s go-to song in karaoke. But it’s almost as if he wants the crowd to take him more seriously, but they’re not — PERHAPS CAUSING ANGER THAT MIGHT, IN TURN, CAUSE HIM TO UNLEASH THE DRAGON.And he’s on his balcony, with his dancers, singing and dancing, begging the crowd to take him seriously. What happens after Sisqo sees Tatyana down by the dragon is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. ” The dragon breaths on him, launching Sisqo back to the doorway, and then the music starts again and he just sings “OH NA NA NA.” It’s almost as if this were done in one take, no script, and everyone had just been molly-waterboarded.

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This week is the final installment, selected by Rembert Browne: “Unleash the Dragon” by Sisqo, from the year 1999.

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Jul 19, 2017. Sisqo has released an official 2017 update of 'Thong Song', all with the help of Norwegian production trio Jcy, along with a music video.… continue reading »

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