Simply love dating

30-Jan-2017 09:05

I think about how I want to say something, when I want to say something, the tone I want to use, how the other person is going to react, etc., before the topic is ever brought up. It's good in the fact that I'm a bit more strategic with the harder conversations, but it's bad because I hold onto things longer.And this rings true in my life outside of our relationship too.We slowly got to know each other, and while we were definitely close friends, there was always something a little more there.Small flirtations and definitely an attraction, both physically, but also intellectually and interest-wise.I'm always thinking through things, thinking about the outcomes, and maybe being a little too cautious rather than jumping head first into something new.

If two people don't show and receive love the same way, they might not be “feeling” like their partner is giving them what they need.

We've had a lot of time to work out some of the kinks, and some we're still working out, but I think over the past 8 years I've definitely learned more about myself through our relationship.