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16-May-2017 05:12

There will be a market for them (obviously) but it will be among people who genuinely "can't" attract a partner.They will be great for highly mentally challenged people (not a dig at the mentally challenged, they still have very active libidos and a sex-bot could be an ideal outlet).So, to conclude - while it be an interesting thing to do in some respects - I'd always pick a human woman over a sex robot.

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So that means it's either gonna be missionary (boring) or doggy (would get boring after a while).-The two biggest highs I get from sex are 1.) Pleasing my partner 2.) Being seen as attractive enough to be able to get a woman to have sex with me in the first place.

I love pleasing my partners sexually, and I love the ego boost I get from sleeping with them. To be fair though if we're assuming they're capable of cooking and cleaning that's some pretty advanced AI op is talking about.