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18-Jun-2017 05:59

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All things considered, this was a pretty good release if you're into the weirder side of Japanese AV.

It's not super sexual, but if you find arousal at seeing embarrassed and half naked Japanese amateur women doing things that even when done alone can make one severely red in the face, you'll certainly love this title.

They're OK with nudity--heck, they thrive in their most natural outfit, the one and only birthday suit.

They handle all things sexual like a cashier handles money. However, we know that sometimes inexperience counts more than being masters of debauchery.

Soon enough, each one is bottomless and spread and continues pushing out stinky farts.

This is why, for example, some of the women in this title have appeared in previous ZENRA updates like the extremely popular Plastic Wrap Urination Prank release from last fall.

In fact, some are wearing the same clothing (before stripping of course)! What's more, most women who appear in HAISETSU titles only appear in them as they're still a bit too iffy to try out with production companies that produce titles that are overtly sexual. One of the actresses/amateurs about halfway through this release actually did an authentic CHIKAN release with OTK COLLECTORS that we will be showing in the very near future.

This is when titles featuring real Japanese amateurs work best and our friends at HAISETSU come in handy when we want to feature authentic camera-shy women doings things a wee bit less sexual than full-on sex, but still adult and highly maniac in nature.

HAISETSU is all about releases featuring embarrassed amateur Japanese women going to the bathroom.

Those inquiries change their places within list fairly frequently.