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You don't picture swingers walking around large convention hotels wearing name badges and attending seminars, like executives in the forklift industry." "Attire aside, most of the swingers seemed to be regular people.

In fact, according to a story about the convention in The Herald, the two most-common professions for swingers are police officer and teacher. I mean, remember when you were a kid, and you were shocked whenever you saw a teacher at, say, the supermarket, because you didn't think of teachers as having any existence outside of school, or even necessarily as being food-eating life forms?

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By ''swingers,'' I mean couples who swing with other couples.Well, imagine if you encountered your trigonometry teacher wearing a garment that left absolutely nothing to the imagination regarding the cosine OR the hypotenuse." "I think that, as parents, we should be concerned about the fact this type of individual is being employed in our schools.Maybe we should notify the police." "No, wait." Latest Tiger Woods Family Portrait - - One thing I love about a forum it does expose those folks with NO SENSE of humor. 2) It's not us swingers who are evil, it's all that gay marriage and war on Christmas stuff.All the late night shows are having fun with this story, I can't wait to see what SNL has to offer, should be a hoot. 3) OMG, that's the funniest thing I've seen all day. We're confessing and going back to soon as we have the gang bang we're planning for our birthdays.

If we can make fun photos and jokes about "Presidents" (and we have for as long as I can remember) I don't think a "golfer" should be off limits, which of course [u]he's not[/u]. 5) Actually I'm 100% shocked I haven't been struck by lightning yet!

Here's some jokes posted in another swingers forum here in Florida, so far I haven't seen anyone there start [b]whining and crying [/b]about the jokes. 6) (Insert apocalyptic end of the world scripture here) 7) Why couldn't it have hit the capital rotunda...while the legislature was in session? We are a bit more vocal within the site, because it is frankly the most popular swing site in Utah.