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There are custom mechanics for each action using Fudge dice (marked "-", "0", and " ").Combat resolution is by rolling a Fudge die for every bullet shot.Resolution is scene-based, with player and GM rolling a number of d6s for stat modifiers, and taking the highest result, 1 for every tie for highest. Skill lower difficulty, while attributes add to the total. There are four free setting books, 20-30 pages each: a modern-day monster-hunter setting ("The Shaded Veil"), a dystopian sci-fi setting ("Overworld"), a modern conspiracy/horror setting ("Harlequinade"), and a medieval Europe setting ("The Kingdom of Norweign").In addition, there are three commercial settings: Heart Quest, CORPS, and Dreamwalker.Different advantages give you different die types from d4 to d10. They are capable of working magic ("feits") and mediating with magical creatures (the Inchoa, the Quem, and the Un). A simple percentile system, which concentrates an fast resolution (hence the name). Character creation has random-roll attributes and point-bought skills.~15 pages HTML A horror story game where the player characters are among the few to survive being abducted by malevolent aliens ("the Host") - and gained superhuman powers as "revenants".Action resolution is rolling d6s based on skill where every 5 or 6 is one success. A sci-fi RPG about characters permanently stranded on an uninhabited planet after an interstellar war has wiped out their homeworlds.It uses a dice pool system, taking the lowest die rolled where 1-5 is a success but each "1" loses you that die. The PCs are humans awakened to a realm of myth known as the "Plasm".

Players secretly try to kill their target by hitting with a NERF dart or other mock projectile. It uses a point-based, skill-based character creation, emphasizing freeform discovering things about their characters.

Characters may be replaced by robots, in which case they continue to play and work to replace the others.

Character creation is limited point-based, with players assigning 6 points among three qualities (Resolve, Contact, and Material), 3 points among Bonds (other people), and 4 points among player-defined Anxieties. Action resolution is based on spending Luck, Discipline, and Revelation points.

new • universal • rules-lite • long • live-action • online • supplement • preview • wotc-d20 • world • genre • open-license • horror • modern • scifi • fantasy • traditional • postapocalyptic • superhero • Index A very simple generic fantasy RPG.

Resolution is by rolling a number of d10s and summing the total with stat to compare to a target number. 100.) Character creation is by choosing a number of selections from race and profession, included in the Excel file.

An expanded version with GM-only information is available in print (not free). It's intended to be a simple, light hearted system with lots of opportunity for heroics.