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11-Jul-2017 07:31

i will not do Patch for other faces mods alread launched except my own work.

My Retexture of the Male and Female Faces like you can see in screenshots, i tried my best to make a real hd texture mixing another faces mods and the ones i alread did in my previous mods, all is reworked and will include my Latest edit materials, Please take Note that this mod only will work with There's no big issues that i have found yet, the only one i found was a little freezing on the Showlooks menu and in character creation when changing sex, the freeze is just for few seconds and then will back to normal.ex: a Eyebrow mod, or a make-up, lips etc...

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Data\Materials\Actors\Character\Basehumanfemale ..delete the following files... With This method is possible to make a 4k ultra HD Face Mods, but after many tries, when trying to enter the characer creation, be that for new game or SLM command, my game freezes and dont come back, maybe my machine cant handle that, maybe is a engine problem, so since i cant confirm, no 4k for a time.that is not in the right size, to avoid that i highly recommend to remove all Face parts (eye textures not included) mods you may have before install this Mod, and if you use the About the Glow...I edited the Materials to activate the Sub-Surface textures; the reason being that it looks more realistic in some lighting, however if your sun or HDR is too strong, sometimes the glow can appear much stronger and look odd.We do not take responsibility for any conversations and/or reactions. You can write whatever you want, but please, respect others and don't hurt anyone with this generator. Build your own fake Facebook Chat and prank your friends.

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This generator is in no way associated with Facebook.

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