Policies mandating

16-Feb-2017 14:35

In November 2017, we published our Preferred Alternative maps for MHA implementation.You can view them with our interactive web map and in an appendix to the Final EIS.

Email the City Council to comment on the proposed legislation.Arnold views the RIA policy changes as a recruiting and retention perk rather than an issue of picking a winner between the hybrid and corporate parts of LPL’s advisory business, he says.The rate cut and the back-office support make for “a really appealing trade for an advisor,” and LPL made the changes “all in the spirit of helping free up the advisor,” he said in remarks at the firm’s investors day event Wednesday.“We would expect that platform now to retain more advisors on the corporate RIA than necessarily moving over to the hybrid, even if they qualify,” Arnold said.With LPL Financial trying to woo thousands of National Planning Holdings advisors while fending off the long-term threat posed by RIAs, the firm is offering advisors a better deal on its corporate RIA. 1, new advisors joining LPL must have more than million in advisory assets to create their own RIA or to join one using only LPL's separate hybrid platform.

Starting next year, the nation’s largest independent broker-dealer will assess lower and flattened administrative fees for advisory assets on the platform, LPL Managing Director for National Sales and Consulting Andy Kalbaugh announced in a memo to advisors this week. The two changes go hand in hand, one recruiter says.

To put MHA into effect, we need to make zoning changes that add development capacity and expand housing choices.