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Bei der Vielzahl an Mobilfunkanbietern auf dem Markt verliert man gerne schnell mal den Überblick über die aktuellen Angebote.Doch mit einem Anbieterwechsel lässt sich durchaus sehr viel Geld sparen.

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What should not be slighted or dismissed however is that a very high view of Scripture is assumed here, and it is assumed that the audience simply agrees with this view, such that it need not be argued for. What is meant is that God speaks through these words. It will be seen then that the OT is largely viewed here as a source for ethical instruction and exhortation, which is not surprising given the emphasis in this letter.God breathed life and meaning and truth into them all (see similarly Num. There is no emphasis here on it being a sourcebook for Christian theology, which would come more from the Christian kerygma and Christian tradition.If one studies the ancient concept of inspiration, whether in relationship to Biblical or other prophets it is perfectly clear that it was believed that the prophetic words, inspired by God, had authority because of the source and the character of the one inspiring the prophet to speak.

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Indeed sometimes it was even believed that the deity in question took over the human being and simply spoke through them.

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