Oklahoma divorce dating

11-Jul-2017 06:17

What effect does the Internet and social media have on dating that wasn't present before?I know the last time I was single cell phones were still a pretty new thing, no such thing as Internet dating, and no one ever heard of Facebook. Is it harder now to date in the modern Internet age? On line dating is very much an extension of Face Book.Yet another emerging trend in case of divorces caused by extramarital affairs is the role of internet in general as well as social networking and dating sites in particular.The internet has added a new dimension to extramarital affairs in recent times.According to a statistics gleaned from 2004, the highest percentage of divorces - as much as 27% - in the US are caused by extramarital affairs with family strains and then marital abuse coming at the second - 18% - and third - 17% - most common reasons for divorce respectively.In yet another study3, more than 25 percent of the women said that their husbands' unfaithfulness was a factor in their divorce.Another study carried out by Frank Pittman found that the divorce rate among those who married their lovers was as high as 75 percent.

There is a lot of positives to be said with meeting someone initially in a social, non-dating environment.

An interesting fact about extramarital affair and divorce is that the divorced spouse rarely marries the paramour who caused the marriage breakup and even when he/she does, the resulting marriage is far from a happy one. Jan Halper’s study of successful men like executives, entrepreneurs, professionals found that very few men who have affairs divorce their wife and marry their lovers.