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To change this file click the Browse Button to the right of the path/filename.Launch File 2: If checked, the updater will also launch this file when it autolaunches or when the open eq button is clicked.Read the updates section down at the bottom for the list of updated features. If your antivirus detects one please report it to them so they can fix thier software. each section is split up by a series of dashes "-". This is split up into different sections and the main subsetions of each are underlined and in bold.-Rebuild the way the program saves it settings, should no longer need access to program folder. -Wont let the custom directory be se to default, fonts, sounds, or images -added a way to stop downloading -probably some other stuff i cant remember -made the file scanning progress show up in the progress bar - Updater should add a shortcut in its startmenu folder for more easily switching between the regular and test server.This required a major rewrite of the Options window, there could be some buggs. If you previously set your eq directory to the test folder directory change it to the main eq2 directory and then use this shortcut.

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However a shortcut with this should already be in the eq2map folder of the start menu it is name "EQ2MAP Updater - Update Test Server" /setupdatefolder: ONLY USE THIS if you dont have eq2 installed on the computer you are updating from, if eq2 is installed on the computer you are updating from use /seteq2dir.-Options now displays Testserver as a Language , was an error in code that prevented that. -Added a Quick Scan option, if there is no new database there is no need to scan the files. - Changed the Options window -- Added Cancel button. Now the Shortcut Test Server icon works again - Added some more status info. - The window will now change its size if you are runing non-standard dpi. - Added a cache for the database to reduce server load. -Added Drop down boxes for switching between diffent UI folders (it will update the eq2as well) and also for switching between languages.-If you set a Launch File 2 , the checkbox was not enabled until you re-open Options window. -BETA RELEASE ONLY -Made a new installation selector to make it easyer to find a EQ2 installation. Now UI Modders can specify what files the Updater should not update. A missing file will still be downloaded even if its on the Ignore List. This option is only active when using auto Update not manual Update. -Fixed an error that repeated map downloads caused by localization. - Fixed a bug that reported an error even if it did work when retrying to download a file. -Fixed the testserver option so it actually launches Test EQ2-Added an option for File overwrite notification (currently only for but it can be added for files as needed) -Made it show the UI directory being and language patched -Error handling for unknown exceptions to help track down unusual bugs.Once the program is open it should start scanning files to check for updates and then download any updates that are available.

Producing and updating The Herbert Atlas using MPS Atlas and Maplex. • Data management and distribution of over 1000 GIS layers, images and supporting documentation. • Sourcing new data for HRIC’s area of interest.… continue reading »

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A Paris, Sur le Quay de l'Horloge du Palais ou se trouvent les Cartes de l'Atlas Geographique de Guill. Delisle Geographe de Roy, et de Phil. Buache. de l'acad.e des Sciences. to accompany Considerations physique.… continue reading »

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T he Sanborn map collection consists of a uniform series of large-scale maps, dating from 1867 to the present and depicting the commercial, industrial, and residential sections of some twelve thousand cities and towns in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.… continue reading »

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