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28-Sep-2017 15:04

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You could talk to a friend, an adult you trust or one of our trained counsellors.Cyberbullying is not against the law, but harassment or threatening behaviour is.They might say to the other person things like ''I hope you die.'' Bullying is always wrong and you can get support.

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This could be on a site or community especially for young people going through a certain issue.

Learn more about how to stop bullying on different social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, You Tube and many more.

Being abusive towards someone or harassing them on an online multi-player gaming site like Minecraft or Call of Duty is also a kind of online bullying.

Some people share videos of bullying to let others know what’s happened or to catch the people doing the bullying.

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But it’s important you don’t post, share, comment or like videos of bullying because: If you see a video that shows someone you know hurting someone or being bullied themselves, tell an adult you trust, like a parent or teacher.

If you’ve posted a video of someone else being hurt or shared someone else’s video it’s important that you delete it from your account to stop it being spread further.

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