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The app, referred to as the “feminist Tinder”, works in a similar way to Tinder’s interface but women must make the first move to initiate conversation.“The campaign allows people to start to think differently about dating and apps and change people’s mindset.” The objective of the campaign is to stamp out any negative connotations associated around using apps to find a potential partner, rather than spike downloads.Cain Maclin explains that in the US, billboards were placed in areas of high percentage users of Bumble to facilitate conversations around the app’s differentiating features.“What we are trying to do as a brand is break down stereotypes and social boundaries for women, where they feel like they have to wait for the man to make the first move – both in dating and across every aspect of their life.” Bumble VP of brand content Alexandra Williamson agrees that women have previously been told that approaching the man is aggressive or desperate, which is an outdated notion.“Encouraging women to make the first move is only a small thing but it sets the entire tone of the initial introduction,” Williamson says.“Our zero-tolerance for harassment and banning shirtless selfies are the types of policies that help us build the brand we want to use.” It’s not only dating Bumble is eyeing off, also launching a business that helps people make friends and a career networking platform, Bumble Bizz.“From friendship to dating, we are creating a world around the core values of kindness and connection,” Cain Maclin says.By placing any form of information, images, text and video materials in the dating section of, the user agrees that this information can be published on the first page of the portal, as well as confirms that this material publication rights belongs only to the user.