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07-Aug-2017 18:55

This was the 67th anniversary of the birth of the state of Israel.

This could have been the 67th anniversary of the birth of the state of 'Palestinian' if the Arab nations wanted peace. is a Muslim Communist, determined to destroy both of the countries.

The creepy war that shows no let up, no promise of abating indeed with a worlds behavior unfortunately not unlike that which enabled the rise of Fascism, Hitlerism and WWII - get the hell out with your very much recognized strategy of false narratives indoctrination efforts on Jewish sites.

The same goes for acolytes, the ayrav rav and the poor dumbed down applying Western context to people for whom it is irrelevant. What is 'blatant propaganda' is the belief that the Palestinians are treated like second class citizens by the Israeli gov't and army.

What is true is that the Palestinian people are treated like second class citizens -- since calling themselves Palestinians -- by the other Arab nations.

I am not quite sure why that line should be synonymous with being a proud Israeli, unless part of being a proud Israeli is not have tolerance for other Jews, that have been speaking Yiddish and or Ladino, 100s of years before Modern Hebrew came into existence. They are so loaded with oil wealth and they don't share that wealth with their economically disadvantaged neighboring states; Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and Jordan and of course the "poor" palestinians who are filled with anger jealousy and hate and indeed the palestinians HAVE a country it's called Jordan.. His pride in being an Israeli is inspiring ; his unwillingness to make excuses for what he is to be commended.

Destruction of othe peoples historical sites, archeological marvels mainly of the Jews people have existed for thousandss of years is the issue.