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13-Jul-2017 03:58

They do so because you aren’t a lawyer and you don’t know how everything works.

Keep in mind, if Getty owns that copyright then they are able to sue you so don’t just ignore everything.

talk to a lawyer and have them deal with the correspondence moving forward.

I know that you don’t want to pay a lawyer (who does?!

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My post is based on suggestions from resources I have seen, but it is up to you to decide what to do in this situation.

In my opinion, it’s a predatory company with bad moral principles and I will never use them or any of their subsidiary websites for anything as long as I live.

Instead of calling them and stating you are sorry and “it was on accident” etc.

This same image could be bought for on a different website, but now Getty Images is stating that “the damage has been done” and the settlement is your only chance to avoid a copyright lawsuit.

I also had a similar thing happen with my website focused on helping teens find jobs.2) If Getty Images doesn’t get a response from you, they will turn you over to an attorney that they work with who will send you a new letter stating a similar scenario as the original Getty Images letter, but the price to settle just went up because they now have a lawyer involved.In this letter you may receive a copy of a judgment that resulted in a 00.00 settlement where a company lost their case against Getty Images for the use of a single image.So, now that you have seen the steps above it all looks like doom and gloom.

Dec 22, 2014. You received the Getty Images letter threatening a lawsuit, now what. the best way to defend yourself is to use an equally intimidating resource. 2 Speak with Ric Gruber who is an Internet law attorney located in Chicago.… continue reading »

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Getty Images sends letters to people who they suspect are infringing on their. Even filing a case can cost several hundred dollars, so a $1000 lawsuit may. What they do is twist the law and threaten people, in order to get easy money out. This is a little scary if there is a bot that is grabbing pages that aren't even live… continue reading »

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Jul 20, 2017. Indian journalists say companies are using the legal notices as an. Thakurta said he has received letters threatening legal action from. of winning a lawsuit in a court of law but with the intention to intimidate and harass.… continue reading »

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Threats, abuse and harassment can be a criminal offence—but you may not be able. It doesn't matter if you didn't intend for the other person to feel intimidated.… continue reading »

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The Reasons for Using a Cease and Desist Letter Cease and desist letters have bec. of legal action which are either not feasible or so threatening as to intimidate. But before you hire an attorney to file suit against a debt collector, you must.… continue reading »

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