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10-Jul-2017 03:21

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that’s why many dating sites utilize BOTs to simulate human activity, until they get enough members.

Some sites/apps take it too far and pretty much any activity on their sites is BOT driven, which is obviously not something that potential paying members want.

The easier something is to convert, the lower the payout usually is. Lower paying offers can actually make you more money, they are easier to test and require lower initial testing budget.

This means, no matter how many SOI or DOI registrations you achieve, you will not get paid for them.

it’s simply the most risky model for them, that’s why they try to be careful.

This is the next step from SOI, one more action is required form the user – email verification.

Since Dating is actually one of my favorite verticals, I decided to write a full article about it.

I will tell you what kind of dating offers there are, how it all works, what are the payout options you can work with, how dating sites make money, how to promote these offers …

The additional verification can also be a profile creation, the need to upload a photo, sending a message to someone or opening the mobile app …

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