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One client who completed the six-month Inner Listening Intensive described it this way: I was suffering from anxiety and depression about my work, my relationship, my parenting. It was more than just a paradigm shift or a new perspective. I live in the present instead of always worrying about the past and the future. I did not know how to take responsibility for my own feelings and as a result felt completely out of control and out of touch with myself.Emily helped me to discover and access my own truth.I've just read both the "article" of wk-12 over again and "what is love" and it’s so heart opening for me and so beautiful, tears of gratitude are coming down my skin.I'm so grateful to you for sharing your love and letting God through in every single word you write here.Come and browse our large selection of sexy singles and couples who are eager to meet others who share their fetish for both exhibitionism and voyeurism. Our service lets you connect with thousands of other webcam sex enthusiasts from all over the world. Create your own online persona and come explore the exciting and fantasy filled world of webcam sex!

With Inner Bonding, I learned how to let Spirit flow through me when I played. But I have good news: you’re not alone, and being confused or stuck in the process doesn’t mean you are doing something wrong. When you hit your learning edge like this, you need personalized, compassionate support. I’ve experimented for years to bring you the best of both, including completing a second two-year certification in 2013 in Inner Relationship Focusing, which emphasizes radical acceptance and presence. This program taught me a whole new way of looking at myself and my feelings. Prior to working with her, I was an anxious and unhappy mess, and I did not understand why.

I decided to make the effort because even if I have to sell my car or spend all my savings I owed it to my self.

I went to my first intensive in May that year and since then I have healed so much that had you told me before I wouldn't believe you - no way! Apart for my main therapeutic tool: Inner Bonding, I also trained with Jack Canfield at his Self Esteem Foundation to become a Self Esteem Facilitator.

Today I own a successful studio that specializes in graphic design and branding.

My mother died when I was 3 years old and 7 years later my father died. Because ev erybody around me was very wounded I was provided with everything material but most of my emotional needs were unmet.

These years and experiences have given me a lot of growth, but one essential part has been missing.