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01-Aug-2017 01:28

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Honestly, I’d rather spend that time meeting another guy. Text him back saying something like “That just made me smile handsome”. Don’t over analyze it and don’t go calling him some way over the top disgustingly sweet nick name that took you hours to come up with. Just give it a break and if it’s something really important then it’s best to just chill for a little bit and then decide if you need to bring it up again or not and if you decide that you do, do so in person.

Men love to know when they make you smile so let him know. Men call us cute little pet names because they know women like this, not because they want to be called sugar plum or pumpkin butt in return. If he changes the subject, trying to change it back isn’t going to get you anywhere. This way he there’s less chances of things being misinterpreted. Do not blow up at him through texting if he changes the subject and sets you off on the wrong foot.

If he calls you something like honey bunches and you want to gag, the best thing to do is not reply at all. He wants to feel manly and names you would call your cute little puppy do not make him feel manly. Don’t start interrogating him about why he changed the subject and don’t assume anything either because this won’t get you anywhere. There’s only one thing for a woman who knows her own worth to do. You are way too beautiful and wonderful to let any man hold you back from life.

Maybe he swept you off your feet but if he’s no longer texting you at all, he’s moved on and so should you. Don’t mistake his silence for losing your number, dying or thinking you’re no longer interested and needing a reminder.

The only way to know how a man feels about you is how he makes you feel when you’re with him…in person.

Next to talking one-on-one, texting is currently one of the most instant forms of communication.

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