Greek dating customs

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A priest blesses the engagement rings, often pearl, and places them on the left ring-fingers of the man and woman.

The website Greeka states that guests wish "kala stephana" (good crowns = have a good marriage) and "I ora I kali" (that the good hour comes = the marriage).

It gives them time to get to know each other better and come closer before finally walking down the aisle.

The Greek word for engagement is “arrabhon” or “aravonas” and derives from Hebrew, which translates as pledge or guarantee, and was introduced and adopted by the Greek society and culture through commercial transactions between the two peoples.

Traditionally, marriages were often arranged by parents and the family of the bride was expected to pay a dowry.

Today, a vestige of the tradition survives in the "kidnapping" of the bride by the family or friends of the groom.

This custom is followed in rural areas outside Athens. Like in the United States, Greek dating websites populate the web.

If all went well and everyone was satisfied and happy, the engagement rings were exchanged and a wedding date was set.

Engagements found usually place in a house, where the maid of honor and best man were to be selected, and were followed by a small festive gathering of close friends and relatives.

However, the engagement was also used in benefit of many men who did not really wish to marry, but were otherwise not socially accepted to be involved in premarital relations.

The two rings are then given to the couple, who must wear them on their left ring fingers.

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The mother-in-law is also tasked with bearing gifts to the bride, while the guests present wish the couple “I ora i kali” (may the wedding day come soon) or “Kala stephana” (have a good wedding ceremony).In the past, when this custom was more practiced across the country, the bride would also have to knit a handiwork as a symbol of accepting the engagement and the pending wedding.If for any reason the engagement was called off, the mother of the groom would have to return the handiwork to the bride.With names such as Elgible, these sites help maintain Greek culture in an ever-changing world. Her print publications include articles in "The Harbinger" and fiction in "The Flying Island." Working in community development, Putt holds a master's degree in sociology and possesses knowledge of gerontology, mental illness, elementary education and teaching college-level social science.

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