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However, researchers from the University of Gothenburg and the University of Bournemouth decided to take a closer look at the ruins and discovered a lost ancient city near the village of Vlochos.

Robin Ronnlund, the leader of the team of archaeologists said in a statement that he could not believe that no one ever thought to further explore the ruins that were evident on the hill.

Recent scholarship has often remarked on the opposition between two conceptions of Archaic Greek societies, relating either to a legal and static definition of status or to a notion of status as personal and fluid, linked to diversified strategies for obtaining social distinction.

This article seeks to move beyond this opposition by examining the history of status groups in the Archaic period.

But instead of digging out the city, the team is using technology like ground-penetrating radar to reveal the hill's secrets.

Robin said the team had already discovered a town square and street grid indicating "quite a large" city.

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In the seventh century BCE, new groups were created in response to the aristocracy’s need for a workforce.

“The exceptional imagery has helped understand the extent of the city including the identification of possible private and public areas as well as industrial quarters," he said.