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01-Apr-2017 01:57

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And since we do have that luxury– and so do potential au pairs– we may not focus on the most important questions. I think the core objection to these questions is not that they were asked at all, but as any American adult can tell you, you don’t ask about pay and benefits in the early parts of a job interview.Here’s a question for you: If a potential au pair wanted to learn more about your family in order to assess YOU for a match, what three questions should she ask? You learn about the job, what your role would be, see if you like the fit, etc.(I mean, let’s face it–there is a lot of coaching that these girls get, depending on their situation and nerves, I bet.) And I agree that asking about internet is not a deal-killer. Frankly, this post and comments have made me nervous; I am thinking about next July when we have to decide what to do, whether to keep a full timer, switch to edupair, or patch together an afternoon schedule of college students and early mornings for me at work.I couldn’t live without wireless internet, and I want my au pair to be able to talk to her friends and mom whenever she wants. I don’t really want the candidate pool to read all these messages and get the ‘right answers’ the way you can buy term papers now. – not a single question about working with our kids. Regarding the phone, I hardly ever use the phone that my host family provided me with, but I would feel totally uncomfortable and uneasy if I didn’t have a phone. Her concern was that this potential au pair only asked our current au pair about friends, parties, the nightlife, etc. ) asked me 3 questions that should have alerted me to her incompetent and selfish personality: 1. NOT because your family isn’t wealthy enough, but because the au pair just can’t afford to fly across the world and back. I guess I kept my hm on the phone more than she would like to be. A potential au pair should of course be interested in the children and the majority of the questions they ask should be related to the family, the kids in particular. I remember asking everything, EVERYTHING about the kids on the first phone call.

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Our last au pair was really direct in telling our candidates that we were not the right family for them if all they wanted to do was party. I’ll never forget when we were interviewing candidates for our 2nd au pair, and our 1st, who was helping me by interviewing the candidates who made my first “cut” – gave me a firm “no way” on one candidate. Most families told me what their stance was on this without me having to ask. The au pair needs to know whether she has to spend an extra 0 or not, and yes, sometimes this will effect whether or not the au pair wants to be matched with your family. But besides that: 1) Why do you have an au pair vs. 2) What kind of a relationship are you hoping for with your au pair? I also made the possible to let them know about me and my family. Some were willing to pay, some would pay half, some expected the au pair to pay for all of it (this was in Europe, without an agency, so paying for airfare was completely up to the family).She also didn’t read the handbook at all, as was evidenced by her shock over having to actually *gasp* SHARE a car (and, if she “had known that I didn’t have a car of my own, I never would have matched with you”, regardless of the fact that this too was in the family handbook I emailed to her before we matched). After asking questions about the kids and their schedule, one of the most important questions an au pair candidate should ask me is whether she can contact our current au pair.

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