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The ITPS is composed of 27 top soil experts representing all the regions of the world.The main function of the ITPS is to provide scientific and technical advice and guidance on global soil issues.Package theft, fluctuating pricing and inventory shortfalls—say adios to the unexpected surprise. Trust us with your orders and you tab the latest in shopping cart features, mobile checkout, intelligent inventory management and fraud prevention.Our reputation for proactive customer service makes the experience twice as engaging.This is Saa S commerce scaled for worldwide expansion.

That’s a seamless experience at every step of the shopping process, from order to fulfillment to smiling customer.The Plenary Assembly constitutes the decision making body of the Global Soil Partnership.It embraces all the GSP partners in a yearly meeting to review and prioritize GSP actions while facilitating a balanced regional decision-making process.Please indicate your consent to our use of cookies and our policy by clicking Yes.

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This streamlines channel operations for every step in the process.