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15-Apr-2017 03:15

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Need to make an international phone call and not sure which dialing code to use?Our International Dialing Code finder will help you find the dialing and area codes for a large selection of countries and cities.These scammers know immigration rules and regulations well and might even cite some sort of visa requirement as their reason for requesting money.You might find their reasons actually check out and send them the money but in all likelihood, you have been scammed of your money.The standard scam story then starts to unfold as your online date suddenly has some sort of emergency in Nigeria or Ghana.The stories may range from a businessman having an accident while in Nigeria for work to a helpless woman being stranded in Ghana; from asking for charity donations for Africa to a family member having a brain hemorrhage while in Africa.Once you do send the money however, it is unlikely that the visit will ever actually materialize.

The sums usually run up to millions of dollars with the victim being promised a huge chunk of it for their "help".

Do not send money if you are in a similar situation because it is probably a scam.

Again, most often these scammers will pretend to be a Western man but in reality they will be scammers based in Africa.

Nigeria and Ghana are notorious for their scammers and hence most people probably wouldn’t pursue a relationship with someone from one of these countries.

These scammers are well aware of this and therefore often pretend to be from the USA/ UK/ Australia/ Canada or some other Western country.

Another common scam one comes across in online dating is the medical emergency scam.

While online dating sites work hard to eliminate scammers from their sites. as your online date suddenly has some sort of emergency in Nigeria or Ghana. Solicitations for an investment scam can come via email, telephone or even in the.… continue reading »

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Jan 12, 2017. He suggested they ditch the dating site and switch to email. He was an American soldier serving in Iraq, and he had a son living in Ghana.… continue reading »

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Date submitted 2009–11–13. of mobile phone communication in Ghana. from a single site and does not distinguish local from foreign dating sites, the.… continue reading »

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Apr 16, 2017. Though most dating sites take steps to protect their members, ultimately, your online and. Refusing to meet in person or talk on the phone.… continue reading »

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Date. 08 04 2015. Netherlands Enterprise Agency is a department of the Dutch Ministry of. you with this sector analysis of the poultry industry in Ghana. Website. Contact person Baffour Otosi Ababio. Position. CEO. Telephone.… continue reading »

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Single entry permit visas are valid for only 3months 90 days from the date of issue. We do not Postdate; Extend; or Amend Ghana visas. We also do not hold.… continue reading »

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