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His arrested development might not make him the worst if he didn’t also have sex with someone else while acting as Rachel’s date at the prom. At least Russ made Rachel see that she wasn’t quite over the real thing.He only ranks above Barry because at least Rachel didn’t plan on marrying this guy. Danny moved into Rachel’s apartment with a mountain man beard, which made Rachel mistake him for a yeti.She wasn’t ready to jump into a relationship with Ross immediately post-Barry and needed some fun with a sexy foreign stranger.

Danny was nice enough and I’m sure that the relationship with his sister wasn’t THAT weird at the end of the day, but girl could do better.He took care of Emma so Rachel could go to a meeting, gave her a scarf for her birthday, and brought her chicken soup when she faked sick to avoid him. In another life, this could have totally been a real thing.How could Ross not make it to the top of this list?In another world, Mark and Rachel might be good for one another.

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They both work in fashion and get along swimmingly.Sure, it wasn’t particularly cool for Mark to jump on Rachel minutes after her breakup with Ross (especially since Ross’ paranoia over Mark is what kiiiinda caused the whole thing to go down) but it’s hard to hate on Mark.He proves himself as a nice guy when, years later, he helps Rachel land a job in Paris — no pretense whatsoever. Yes, he was kind of arrogant, and yes, he did try to take Rachel’s job, but he also kept her on her toes and genuinely supported her at a critical time.You may be surprised to see Paolo ranked so highly on this list, especially considering the fact that he attempted to cheat on Rachel with her friend Phoebe.