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The constant, bubbling sound is cool at first but becomes a real pain later.

In raids or in cities, be prepared for complaints from people standing nearby.

Needless to say, I did this over the course of a couple days. Wasn't expecting it to come out of the first bag I got. I tried farming this a loooong time ago, never got anywhere."Dropped by 1 mobs "Tainted Ooze" 1% (1/72) well...i may be lucky, as normali found it in a oozing bag from the first oozing i kill and in the bag there was this little baby...i sold it on AH from 165let you know, it is GOOD to putt it on AH, bux$$$ I got mine from Ooze in Un'Goro crater, i didn't look for it, ooze attacked me first...

My friends always tell me that I am luckiest bastard they know.

Disgusting Oozeling is one of the most rare and special pets in game.

The only pet that have a buff effectthat turns the user green when you bring up the pet it also emitts a slimy sound around you.

Over the course of many months of farming here, I had 5 Disgusting Oozelings drop.

The caves are filled with oozes and two different swamp-thing type monsters.

Also, if you accidentlly throw the ale where he can't get to it, like on a ledge...The oozes can drop the bags which can contain the pet while the swamp-things can drop the recipe for Greature Nature Protection Potions - and these still fetch a nice price at the AH. Hopefully I won't have to go over 10,000 kills from my wonderful luck. I went to Felwood/Easternplague Lands/Westernplague Lands. This mini pet imo is really cool, who ever is still farming keep doing it for this one is worth it.So if it were me and I were level 70, I would farm in WPL at the Weeping Caverns. I got everything from what oozing bags contain at least several times (even the green gems) ... Killed a total of 227 Mobs, got 10 bags, and took almost 2 1/2 hours.Coordinates for the cave are WPL: 64.5, 36.6Cata Update: Weeping Caverns is long gone, now having undead constructs as the primary creatures. The game is desined so if you have that item it will not drop.

Look to Swamp of Sorrows (Shifting Mireglob is the mob) or Silithus (Dredge Crusher or Dredge Striker). if annyone has an axtra oozling will they be kind enough to send them to Eltise i doint know wat server im on because i doint play it at my house. Have a quest that need you to get items from a mob.Oozeling all over the world at higher levls have 10% chanse to drop a oozeling bag with random items in. Go to BRD and get the Ale, and then throw it at oozy and see what happens :) He emotes!!!There is a 1% chanse that this pet appears in that bag, this makes the pet have a 0.1% drop chanse from oozeling. "Disgusting Oozeling guzzles the ale" and then he burps! However, I can't take him on a guild run because of the debuff.There is more money to be made and the spawn rate is high enough to keep you happy. Same effect with noggenfogger elixer, if you get the skeleton costume effect and remove the buff you won't have the green aura anymore.

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Comment by Zalamander Disgusting Oozeling is one of the most rare and special pets in game. The only pet that have a buff effectthat turns the user green when you.… continue reading »

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