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26-Jan-2017 16:15

Then you might find these two new features quite handy.The first of which is link element, which has been updated with additional functionalities and an enhanced user experience and interface. This includes link text color, text style, link button color and more. Customise (email) landing pages with web page background 4.Autofill an input field in feedback form based on URL or cookie value 9. Visual enhancement of feedback detail page display 1.This change provides users with even more customisation options within their feedback forms. The link element can now be used in two different ways: as a normal external link or to trigger native form functions, such as closing the form or going to the next / previous a page. Additionally, the user interface for setting up a link has been moved to the sidebar, whereas before it was located in the form itself. These options can be found in the subtab ‘Buttons’.Here, you see there is a new ‘link selection area which is used to select and link a piece of text (so that it is clickable). Additionally, users now have the option to hide the form navigation from visitors.Used mostly for email feedback, this is the page that your visitors are sent to when they are providing feedback (e.g. The background can now be customised in a way that makes your visitors feel like they are still on your website, rather than on a landing page.

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Now users can edit multiple email alerts at the same time (that are all shown in the same view).

Now users can easily collect URL parameters and send them along with feedback form data.

This is done using the element ‘Website Data’ within the platform.

This new option protects the form from being overwritten by another user or being changed while live and as a result, keeps all feedback forms in line with the company’s feedback strategy.

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You can now create a background for your public email landing page using a webpage or HTML version of a newsletter.

This saves users a lot of time that was otherwise spent navigating back to the overview page to edit an alert.