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29-Jun-2017 20:16

Lilly recently reflected, "I think there's a part of everyone that's intrigued by the thought of being recognised." 4 Although she enjoyed acting, Lilly had no interest in modeling or being a celebrity.Always interested in humanitarian work, Lilly studied international relations at the University of British Columbia.She can swear like a sailor and dress provocatively, but that doesn't reflect her beliefs. She's a walking oxymoron." (Bryan Burk, a Lost executive producer 24) "Over and over again, I've been called a walking oxymoron.

She said, "No thanks, you're wasting your time." Neverthless, she held onto her card.The income was steady and she could use the endless on-set waiting time to study. 9 In the meantime, her distaste for Hollywood only increased."Whenever I turned up to castings I'd see all these women in trampy clothes, flirting with the male director. 1979) became famous virtually overnight when she was cast in the lead role of Kate Austen on the hit television series Lost in 2004.

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Known for her Christian moral standards and often-colorful language, tomboy antics and much-admired feminine figure, the Canadian actress admits she is a walking paradox.

For the future, Lilly hopes for a film career in "meaningful roles." The self-assured actress has learned how to delicately balance her beliefs and her job, and hopes to use her fame to make a difference (see below).

May 18, 2018. Evangeline Lilly has claimed she was intentionally injured during a stunt that went wrong on the set of Lost. The Canadian star, who appeared.… continue reading »

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Nicole Evangeline Lilly born August 3, 1979 is a Canadian actress and author. She came to. Lilly was married to Canadian Murray Hone from 2003 to 2004. Lilly was in. 2003, Stealing Sinatra, Model in Commercial, Uncredited. The Lizzie.… continue reading »

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Born in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Evangeline Lilly was discovered by a. After appearing in a few commercials, she chose to give up acting and focus on. a Canadian hockey player, Evangeline dated Lost co-star Dominic Monaghan.… continue reading »

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Actress Evangeline Lilly has said she doesn't believe in marriage anymore, and that she's selective about the men in her life. Let's take a… continue reading »

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Mar 17, 2015. The following article explores the spiritual side of Evangeline Lilly. Her first job was a late-night dating service commercial in which she had.… continue reading »

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Evangeline Lilly, born in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta in 1979, was. School Girl / Girl in Cinema / Wade's Girlfriend. Model in commercial uncredited.… continue reading »

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