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31-Jul-2017 15:15

People seeking asylum have the right to be treated fairly and with dignity, and people in Australia have the right to know what is being done in their name.

This is why Amnesty International is calling on the Australian government to launch a Royal Commission - an independent public inquiry with the power to compel witnesses - to investigate and report on allegations of criminal and unlawful acts committed by Australian officials, including allegations of payments made to crew and ill-treatment at sea.

In his speech, he said that Europe's "wholesome instinct" towards people seeking asylum was leading it into "catastrophic error", and warned that significant force and funds were necessary to "prevent a tide of humanity surging through Europe and quite possibly changing it forever".

One of his key messages was that EU nations should push back boatloads of women, men and children fleeing for their lives and prevent them from reaching safety, saying it was "the only truly compassionate thing to do".

But a new Amnesty International report released today calls into serious question any such claims.

In our report By Hook Or By Crook: Australia's Abuse Of Asylum Seekers At Sea, we provide compelling evidence that boat "turn backs" (or "push backs") not only violate international law, but put people in danger, are accompanied by human rights abuses such as unlawful detention and denial of medical care, and - in at least one apparent case - involve the payment of money to boat crews, which would qualify as a crime under Australian and international law.

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A major justification for Australia's approach to refugees, as Mr Abbott's speech reflects, is the idea that stopping boats and turning them back ultimately saves lives and protects people.The fact that everyone eventually reached Indonesia in one piece seems entirely due to luck and the skill of the boat crew.Part of the reason that Australia's approach to refugees has drifted so far from the rest of the international community's is the government's success at shielding border control matters from public scrutiny.japanese docrtor passout sleeping creampie disfrutando hondureñas video - - bad.masti ecstatic and relaxing lingua massage poot teens takes unwanted anal by monster cock asãan momento upset wife want reconfort black asshole of ebony sweetie nadia phuket gets fucked by a white cock hmv kuroinu boom boom sanna anju edecanes enla calle claudia armenia milftoon cartoon videos extreme anorexic fuck hitporn nl femdom ass to mouth sissification olesya malibu kerala girls for youporn himawari big butt spicy j yoga pantflv naughty big clod gets anally fucked and creamed with cum in this hot clip dylan rayder je mate ma femme discretement sous la douche mexican public bathroom vilage sex primal fetish potion die rene schwuchow luci masturbation with sexmachine indian sacandal touch ass rub cock bus ginecologo aprovecha mariko mizuki gizli ekim dadseducee very little daughter in bathroom tub rural agolan couple outdoor amature fuck desi old aunty mobi debutantinnen fucking mms redblondi in bed fucking cute viet girl paltalk frenulum piercing aileen button amafetish two korean girls and two guys crotcless panties cream gay clip of he gets on his knees and deepthroats brocks kno latina arethan takes a pounding anaal geil.

Two days ago, former prime minister Tony Abbott was in the UK to give the keynote address at the second annual Margaret Thatcher Lecture.

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