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09-May-2017 21:44

A perfectly charred “zucchini steak” over pureed yellow tomato sauce, smoked tomatoes, and Castle Valley grits was one of the better vegetarian dishes I ate all summer.

A devoted lunch crowd fills the rambling dining rooms and sunny porch of this Victorian stone house near the Fort Washington train station, lured by the bountiful salads, deep-dish quiches, and sandwiches, from house-roasted turkey with Brie to an excellent Cubano.

And it’s a dish that has a timeless appeal when homemade — not unlike this unexpected BYOB, which exudes the kind of personal pride and familiar warmth that can make dinner here memorable.

Good Southern food is so hard to find around here that I’ve stopped insisting on strict authenticity.

Their new spot is a big contemporary dining room with soaring 24-foot ceilings and a 50-seat deck overlooking the valley.

And despite the fancy new setting (with wine lockers even! And the expansive menu still has an almost diner-esque reach with a something-for-everyone approach, ranging from wood-fired pizzas (try the Palermo) to pastas and simply cooked fresh fish.

Explore Croatia’s islands on two wheels, tackling varied and interesting terrain as you go!

While the food certainly caters to suburban American tastes, Spinner, a Garces alum, creates dishes that are rooted in classic, no-shortcut preparations updated with polished style and great ingredients, from excellent ceviches to the tender steak grilled al carbon with fresh tortillas, awesome fish tacos, and delicate black bass over creamy poblano rice with crab.

Perfectly moist clams Casino are scented with bacon. Le’s osso buco is one of the best I’ve had, the huge shank braised to a sublime tenderness over risotto enriched with veal’s natural gravy.

Er en rigtig god side fordi det er en side med seriøse fyre der ønsker en fast partner. Man kan altid finde nogen der skiller sig ud, men størstedelen vil noget seriøst. Man kan… continue reading »

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I starten var det primært unge der brugte det, fordi de så det som et fedt alternativ til de klassiske dating-sider på internettet, men siden da er de voksne også kommet med på bølgen. Men… continue reading »

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