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24-Jul-2017 04:19

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They think just because it is a Muslim country there is no nightlife, no alcohol, no prostitution, and all of the girls are going to be virgins until marriage.

If you have read our Jakarta sex guide you know that is not anywhere close to true.

This post will tell you about some of the best pick up bars and nightclubs to meet girls in Jakarta for foreign men.

Many people have the complete wrong impression about Indonesia.

During the day it will, but after 9pm you should be fine.

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Some of the best singles bars and clubs in the south are: If you are taking our advice and getting a room near Plaza Indonesia it won’t take to long to travel to this area.In fact any bar or club in the central or southern regions might bring in prostitutes.They know this is where the tourists go to party and they want to get some of that cash.You don’t need to assume they all are, but if you are getting the feeling she wants money then she probably does.

This is common in many places when foreign me try to pick up Southeast Asian girls.

South and central are pretty much the same, often times people don’t differentiate between the two.