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Introduction | Archaeology of Volcan Mountain | The Cultural Landscape | Fire Management Issues on Volcan Mountain | Conclusions | References By: Susan M. Author's Note: This report was commissioned by CDF to inform its web audience of the archaeological resources of an area impacted by recent fires.

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The state of California began a two-phase program of inventorying the historic and prehistoric cultural resources of Cuyamaca Rancho State Park in 1981 (Foster 1981; Parkman 1981).

The study consisted of extensive field surveys that resulted in the recordation of 87 additional archaeological sites within the park.

As a result of these studies, distinctive oval basin milling features were noted and described.

Noel Justice adds another regional guide to his series of important reference works that survey, describe, and categorize the projectile point and cutting tools used in prehistory by Native American peoples.

This volume addresses the region of California and the Great Basin.

The site locations are on record at the South Coastal Information Center.

DEFINITION Early bow and arrow projectile point 100 AD-500 AD. An early Mississippian point dating in the A. D. 900 to A. D. 1300 range. characteristic points CATEGORY artifact. Elko point CATEGORY artifact. Two main forms are known those with corner notches on the base and those with ?ears' on the base.… continue reading »

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Thomas Key, Cassinelli was able to type and date nearly every piece in the collection. The collection contains hundreds of Great Basin projectile points laid over a. Great Basin Crescents; Elko Corner Notched; Elko Contracting Stem; Drills. Daphne Creek Side Notched; Daphne Creek Eared; Chopping and Cutting.… continue reading »

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Jan 20, 2017. Ahler, Stanley A. 1971 Projectile Point Form and Function at. and Rubin, Meyer 1967 U. S. Geological Survey Radiocarbon Dates IX. O. Connell, James F. 1967 Elko Eared/Elko Corner-notched Projectile Points as Time.… continue reading »

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Although most of the sites found in the area date to the Late Prehistoric period. It was identified as an Elko-eared projectile point, which dates in the Great.… continue reading »

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With the knowledge of someone trained to fashion projectile points with techniques used by the Indians, Justice describes how the points were made, used, and.… continue reading »

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