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03-Mar-2017 08:24

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Where you feel confident every day because you trust your judgment?Imagine paralyzing anxiety fading away as you competently handle whatever life throws at you – and do it in a way that is beneficial for all concerned.WELLNESS RITUALS Sometimes the smallest healthy habits can have a big impact when practiced regularly, whether getting a monthly massage, adding lemon slices to your water bottle to make hydration more appealing, or forming an intention for the next day when you go to bed. A little less than two years ago I found out I was an INFJ.Either someone thinks Harmony equates with doormat status.Or, like me, they find it only rears its ugly head after ignoring it in preference for another cognitive function that isn’t so warm and fuzzy (i.e. Can you imagine every decision you make being the right decision?

Dating a guy from Scandinavia is a little different to dating guys from Europe, but when you’re looking for that special partner, someone who will see you as being on the same level, you’ll quickly come to love and appreciate these men from the north.

As with most Scandinavians, the Swedes are able to converse in good English and communication with your Swedish lover won’t be a problem.