Dating a colt 1911

04-Mar-2017 03:01

They have wide chests, sloping shoulders and short, strong backs.Their ribs are well sprung, and they are short-coupled with well-muscled hindquarters and with strong well-proportioned legs set well apart.However, stallions standing for public stud service in Iowa were required to be registered with the Iowa Department of Agriculture, and this agency only allowed horses of recognized breeds.

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She was eventually sold to Nelson Brothers Farm in Jewell, Iowa.A DNA test was developed in 2002, and JEB can be avoided as long as two carriers are not bred to one another.The breed descends from a foundation mare named Old Granny.Like several other breeds of draft horses, the American Cream is at risk for the autosomal recessive genetic disease junctional epidermolysis bullosa.

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The American Cream Draft is a rare draft horse breed, the only such breed developed in the United States that is still in existence. It is recognized by its cream color, known as "gold champagne", produced by the action of the champagne gene upon a chestnut base color, and by its amber eyes, also characteristic of the gene; the only other color.… continue reading »

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