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Various forms can be differentiated, but this paper will concentrate on two distinct variants (see Waskul, 2004): firstly, text-based cybersex as a purely semiotic interaction supporting masturbation and secondly video-based cybersex as a displayed ‘body-game’ with the same aim of satisfaction.The second one is about content: how can one describe what it is that takes place ‘there’?

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How does this now relate to the ‘hyperreality of cybersex’?The ‘digitalisation’ and ‘virtualisation’ in this medium’, might be the reasons for many people not to describe cybersex as ‘actual’ or ‘real’ sex. It is therefore needed to introduce the concepts very briefly before a description of the ‘hyperreality of cybersex’ will follow afterwards.Baudrillard declares the age of the mass media as the age of ‘third order simularcra’.In the course of the analysis, the theory of Jean Baudrillard will be the main pillar.

His concepts of ‘hyperreality’ and the ‘virtual’ will be applied towards the first question, whereas the second issue will be described with his notion of the ‘obscene’.Baudrillard’s (1983a: 23ff) example of Disneyland is often cited as an illustration for this concept: “Disneyland is there to conceal the fact that it is the real country, all of real America, which is Disneyland” (ibid: 25) In this way, Disneyland is a simulacrum that conceals the absence of the ‘real America’. It is no longer possible to tell the difference between real and hyperreal.In the specific case of the internet, the media play a distinct role in this disappearance of reality.The following paragraph will first of all try to take Baudrillard’s perspective and look at the degree of ‘realness’ in cybersex.