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27-Jan-2017 13:02

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“I’ve been on dates with guys who are older than me who openly say they need to settle down to get their parents off their backs. ”“I want to date, I want to fall in love, and maybe one day I’ll even want children,” she said, “but a traditional marriage is something that is no longer on my checklist for life.

It’s not something I see in my future.”since taken down) listed five tips to help “old, leftover girls who were born in the 1980s” find a partner.

How is it surprising that I’m not naturally inclined to want to do that?

” said Shareen Cheng, a 28-year-old Beijing woman who works in public relations.

In a country where tradition and family still wield enormous influence, many young Chinese are resisting the notion of settling down and getting married.price of roses may be surging ahead of the holiday throughout China -- but amid evolving gender norms, the digitization of dating and the upward mobility of China’s urbanites, dating and love today are a far cry from Chinese tradition.“Marriage has become increasingly unappealing for me.

The pressure, the price -- not to mention the divorce rates!

Put him together with his lovely blonde girlfriend Jennifer Newman (a self-proclaimed “robot girl”) and you have a couple that could turn heads almost anywhere.

Actor Will Yun Lee (best known for his TV roles in ) was named one of People’s Sexiest Men Alive in 2007.

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In some areas, especially in rural China, the imbalance is even more skewed, with more than 130 males to every 100 females.

By Chinese standards, she should be racing to get married.