Comcast data usage meter not updating

21-Jul-2017 03:45

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Along with the launch announcement came a new logo of a sprinting dog the company attaches its new tagline to: “We’re the local dog. reader Rick has been educating me about some of the new-found aggression by Shaw Communications, one of western Canada’s largest telecommunications companies, in expanding its business reach across Canada. Novus Entertainment is already familiar with this story. reported previously, Shaw […] September 22, 2009 The Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission, the Canadian equivalent of the Federal Communications Commission in Washington, may be forced to consider American broadband policy before defining Net Neutrality and its role in Canadian broadband, according to an article published today in The Globe & Mail.[FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski’s] proposal – to codify and enforce some […] September 21, 2009 In March 2000, two cable magnates sat down for the cable industry equivalent of My Dinner With Andre.

As an cord-cutter, he could instead rely on one of several alternative online video providers like Netflix or Hulu, but watching video that did not come from Comcast’s cable TV package contributed to eating his monthly usage allowance and subjected him to hundreds of dollars in extra fees.Under Title II, the agency is empowered to watch for attempts to circumvent Net Neutrality policies.Usage caps and charging additional fees to customers looking for an alternative to the cable television package will qualify, especially if Comcast continues to try to exempt itself.” Cable industry officials have also become aware of the buzz surrounding usage caps and growing regulator concern.Some reportedly discussed the possibility of FCC intervention behind closed doors at the recent cable industry conference in Chicago. req.) cable industry executives increasingly fear federal officials will ban usage pricing for wired broadband service on competitive grounds.

Online video competitors rely on large cable and phone companies to reach prospective customers, many that may think twice if usage allowances are imposed on consumer broadband accounts.This time, Frontier is issuing a self-serving press release touting their investment […] September 7, 2009 I see it took all of five minutes for George Ou and his friends at Digital Society to be swayed by the tunnel vision myopia of last week’s latest effort to justify Internet Overcharging schemes.Until recently, I’ve always rationalized my distain for smaller usage caps by ignoring the fact that I’m being subsidized by […] September 1, 2009 In 2007, we took our first major trip away from western New York in 20 years and spent two weeks an hour away from Calgary, Alberta.“Now that the merger is off, there is growing expectation Comcast will make a decision about its ‘data usage plans’ soon.” In most test markets, Comcast is limiting residential customers to 300GB of usage per month, after which an overlimit fee of per 50GB applies.

I filed an online complaint against Comcast over the data usage. measures accurately data usage, and uses meter for. amendment by not updating the protections.… continue reading »

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Tracking down rogue bandwidth a story of Comcast data caps and offsite backup. what’s up with Comcast’s usage meter.… continue reading »

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Forum discussion How are we supposed to track our data usage if their perfect meter does not even work?… continue reading »

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