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Well, for starters I believe you must convey that you have your spouse’s best interest at heart.

When a genuine love is conveyed, understanding takes a back seat to trust. But because I’m convinced of His love for me, I trust Him without the need for understanding. If my wife were spiritually more mature than I was, the genuine love that she has for me would make me more open to learning, accepting, trusting and adopting the spiritual wisdom and knowledge she has that I may lack.

I used to think that as long as two people are Christians they would be able to work out any problem they may face in life.

Looking back now, I consider that way of thinking ludicrous.

Love is the key to winning the lost, and love is key to helping those in your household who may not be on your spiritual maturity level to see you as someone who they can model after as you model after Christ.

If you married someone that is in the 5 grade spiritually speaking and you are a spiritual freshman in college, it’s unreasonable to think that they will be able to walk in the Spirit to the same degree that you can.

The point being—the kingdom starts small but grows large. When the day ended Jesus decided to cross the lake.

Since there were a number of boats crossing the lake, he got in one of them, along with his disciples.

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Spiritual maturity levels that differ within a marriage can be challenging to the marriage.Among those parables was the famous parable of the mustard seed.It was small but it became a large shrub (Mark -34).If no one had awakened him up before they had gotten to the other side, it’s likely he would have slept through the storm. So they rousted him from his sleep, shouting (my thinking) at him: “Teacher, do you not care that we are perishing? And so it would continue, with the disciples slow on the uptake. Looking back to earlier in Mark 4, we might find a key to interpretation.