Charles kelley hillary scott dating

29-Aug-2017 10:22

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"The first time I met my wife was like, it really was true love at first sight.

We actually had just started the band, and Dave and I, we decided we were going to get the band together and go out to this dinner.

"We’re kind of looking at each other, and we’re like, Holy moly.' She’s the prettiest girl that had ever paid me any attention.

It was one of those things where we just started all as a big group going bar-hopping, and we never left each other’s side. Every bar we went to, it was like us going into the corner talking. And the very next day, I called her up and said, ‘Can I take you on an official date?

Seems it was Hillary who had the idea to match up Charles with his now-wife, Cassie.

While we don’t know exactly how the Kelleys will celebrate their private Valentine’s Day, rumor has it that Charles’ tongue-in-cheek cover band, Dick Fantastic & the Fabulous Foreskins, will be playing a non-kid-friendly show at Nashville’s 3rd and Lindsley.

The couple released their album Buckingham and Nicks in 1973, and then later joined Fleetwood Mac.