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This is done to ensure that the icons on different apps are in line with the other apps for uniformity purpose.This will make your phone looks cool and minimalistic In Android 8.0 Oreo, Google has once again updated the default emojis present in the Android OS to a blob-less emoji version rather than blob version which was seen on Android 7.0.The video below outlines a project to address deforestation.

This “Google PLay Protect” is added in the Google Play Store and it will be a background service that will check for apps and its usage and data storage permissions and notify users if it is safe to install and use the app.Hope this list helped you and If you have any feedback for the list and would like to give any suggestions or have any questions, leave them down below in the comment section.Several forest mitigation options exist: afforestation/reforestation, Deforestation and forest degradation, forest management for carbon stocks and wood products.Forest degradation - reduction in forest biomass through nonsustainable harvest or land-use practices - can also result in substantial reductions of forest carbon stocks from selective logging, fire and other anthropogenic disturbances, and fuelwood collection (Asner et al., 2005).

Forest management are defined as: "activities to increase stand-level forest carbon stocks" (IPCC, 2007).Furthermore, the FAO determined that while deforestation rates show signs of decreasing, they are still "alarmingly high" (FAO, 2010).Figure 1 illustrates the deforestation around the world's regions.The feature is Auto Fill mode which means that the OS will save your Email Address as well as Password.