Being overweight affects dating non cheesy dating headlines

02-May-2017 18:59

“Asking your partner to encourage healthy habits and discourage destructive ones can help motivate you,” says Joburg-based clinical psychologist Liane Lurie.Read more: “I cheated on my husband – and this is why I did it” Her advice is also critical for twosomes who are challenging themselves to lose in dangerous ways because they think their partner won’t be attracted to them otherwise.Read more: This is how long most couples date before getting married Joburger Dawn Tlhapane had always been petite, but after dating her guy for a while, she started gaining weight, and went from a size 28 to 32.“I was worried he wouldn’t find me as sexy,” she says.“A less-heavy wife could make a man believe that he’s done well on the mate market,” says study author Dr Benjamin Karney. Take heart: size isn’t the only predictor of relationship success; sex and communication count too.In fact, what’s far more important than your comparative proportions, is how you feel about your body.A study in the found that whether women were tiny or voluptuous, those with a poor body image were less sexually fulfilled, likely because they were too hung up on how they looked during the deed to actually enjoy it.Since that’s no fun, it’s crucial to work on improving your confidence.

“My husband spoils me now; I’ve never seen that side of him.” Rather than take his shape-shifting as a sign that you’re growing apart, think about what might have caused it.

And be supportive – just as you’d want him to be if you put on some extra padding.